(1) A.quwstion B.guess C.point D.argument
(2) A.give in B.make up C.go about D.figure out
(3) A.nonetheless B.therefore C.less than D.as if

(4) A.fascinating B.nationalistic C.extreme D.boring
(5) A.for B.at C.in D.of
(6) A.add to B.axhibit C.retreat into D.overcome
(7) A.differences B.variation C.complaints D.emotions
(8) A.result B.status C.means D.condition

(9) A.hardly B.necessarily C.timely D.unfortunately
(10) A.By failing to respond B.Not being ironical C.In becoming talkative D.By being completely rude
(11) A.already B.simply C.no longer D.nothing but
(12) A.not B.but C.only D.except

(13) A.as a result B.in contrast C.as it were D.in fact
(14) A.bridges B.gaps C.questions D.subjects

(15) A.choice B.change C.forecast D.obsession